Drums - Course Breakdowns
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The Beginner Drums course includes the following lessons:

Duncan Lee Click For A Lesson Preview

The Tutor - Duncan Lee

I have been drumming for 13 years now. I have studied with several great teachers who have all had a big impact on my approach to the drums including Glen Child, Oli Baxendale, Dan Foord, Steve Vintner and Will Gates.

Over the past 9 years I have focused on building strong relationships with my students. I offer extreme flexibility in my teaching method to suite every type of student. I sit my students through Rockschool and Trinity Guildhall exams. It never seizes to amaze me just how capable students can be if they are given effective tools to help them tackle any obstacle in their drumming lives! I feel very comfortable teaching all genres of music and have sat over 200 students in for exams. I strongly believe that students have a lot more to learning after grade 8 and I will do my best to stop complacency once this grand target has been reached!


Duncan’s beginner drum course teaches the skills and techniques that are essential for every drummer to know. His techniques will set you on the right path and help you avoid common mistakes made by drum students. The course starts with the basics of maintaining and setting up your kit and progresses on to drum routines for you to practice and master.

Course Structure

  1. Identifying Parts of the Drum Kit
  2. How To Reskin Drums
  3. Tuning Drums
  4. Setting Up The Drum Kit
  5. Grips, Fulcrums and Counting Methods
  6. Mnemonics
  7. Mnemonics
  8. Basic Handwork
  9. Basic Foot Work
  10. Basic Hand and Foot Work
  11. Single and Double Stroke Rolls
  12. The Paradiddle
  13. The Basic ¼ Note Rock Groove
  14. ¼ Note Bass Drum Variations
  15. ¼ Note Snare Drum Variations
  16. The Basic 8th Note Rock Groove
  17. 8th Note Bass Drum Variations
  18. 8th Note Snare Drum Variations
  19. Using The Crash Cymbal
  20. Mnemonic Fills
  21. Groove & Fill Exercises
Course Level Key

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