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The Vocals course includes the following lessons:

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The Tutor - John Scott

John has worked as a professional vocal coach in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 22 years. He studied under Seth Riggs, Lynn Wickham, Raz Kennedy and numerous others, as well as studying the Alexander Technique under John Baron and Lenka Fejt. He has a background in sound engineering and recording, music direction, piano accompaniment, and has recorded and produced several albums of original music.

At the University of California at Santa Cruz, he got a degree in Molecular Biology and worked at several research institutions as a researcher in the field of Genetics. This background in biology and physics has helped further his life long passion to study the human voice and singing, and provided him with a unique structure to understand and explain the voice to others in new and accessible ways.

John’s method of singing is an integration of contemporary and classical vocal techniques, along with elements adapted from the Alexander Technique applied to specific muscles involved with mastery and control of the voice. His goal is to help the singer achieve a full blend of the chest and head voice throughout the entire range of their voice, while allowing them to maintain their own unique style and individual character.


John has designed a course that takes you through the basics of voice control and progresses to advanced techniques like mic control and stage presence. His system helps you perfect technique while maintaining your own unique style and character. He encourages you to use the techniques from the lessons to practice songs that appeal to you and match your style.

Course Structure

Section 1 - Beginner

  1. Breathing and Mouth Position
  2. Vocal Cords
  3. Larynx
  4. Pharynx
  5. Outer Muscles

    Section 2 - Intermediate
  6. Vibratto
  7. Blending Chest Voice I
  8. Blending Chest Voice II
  9. Vocal Health
  10. Mental Attitude

    Section 3 - Advanced
  11. Styling with R&B
  12. Classical Singing
  13. Rock Singing
  14. Mic Control
  15. Stage Presence


Welcome to the Rock Star Academy Core Skills lessons. In these lessons you have the opportunity to learn many interesting chords, scales, arpeggios, rhythms, and picking patterns.

The Core Skills lessons also explain useful music theory that allows you to understand how chords, scales, and arpeggios are constructed. You will also get to learn how standard music notation and guitar tab work as they are both very valuable tools when learning how to play guitar.

The core skills will help to improve your ability to compose and give you a deeper understanding of how to jam along with other musicians.

Course Structure

  1. Tab and notation differences
  2. Reading tab
  3. Reading standard musical notation
  4. Reading notational rhythm
  5. Notation symbols note duration

    Section 1
  6. Chords
  7. Scales 1
  8. Scales 2
  9. Scales 3
  10. Scales 4
  11. Rhythm And Lead 1
  12. Rhythm And Lead 2
  13. Rhythm And Lead 3
  14. Rhythm And Lead 4

    Section 2
  15. Chords
  16. Scales 1
  17. Scales 2
  18. Rhythm And Lead 1
  19. Rhythm And Lead 2
  20. Rhythm And Lead 3
  21. Rhythm And Lead 4
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